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Refer A Friend and Earn FREE! Internet Service!
Refer A Friend
Introduce a friend to Champion Access Internet
and you get one full

Get Free Internet Services Today
Nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our customers refer their friends to us. So, as a special thank you, the next time you refer a friend over to Champion Access Internet, you'll receive one " FREE" month of Internet service.

Join the many Champion Access members who get Internet access free!  Every month we credit members with a free month of access just because new members gave us their names when they signed up for our service.

Do you have friends, family and associates who are looking for excellent, reliable Internet Access or Web Hosting?  Refer them to Champion Access Network!  If they tell us you referred them, you become eligible for a credit of $4.97 or $10.97 which will be applied to your monthly fee, it's that simple.

There's no limit to how many new members you can refer in a day, week, month or even year...some enterprising Champion Access members will not have to pay for their access for years to come.

Unfortunately, we cannot credit you for any referrals made in the past, however, anyone you refer from this point on will earnyou credit.

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Please Note: Credit for one month of service at current rate plan will be applied to your account once friends account is processed and payment received. No cash substitutes will be made. Maximum value of credit is $16.97 for web hosting.

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