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Recognized as the Area's Leading Internet Provider

Champion Access Internet offers BROADBAND -
High-Speed Wireless Internet Access!

Don't send any more money to the phone or cable company!

Champion Access Internet is proud to announce the availability of Champion Access Wireless, the fastest Broadband service available in New London County. This ‘always on’ connection to the Internet has speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 45 Mbps, up to 45 times the speed of broadband access such as DSL and cable modem. Until now, the only way to get comparable speeds in New London County was to get a T-1 or T-3 line, which generally start at well over $1000 per month.

  • SUPER-FAST, RELIABLE Internet Access

  • No phone lines needed - save money by dropping any extra lines

  • ALWAYS connected

  • 25 to 1125 times the speed of Dial-up Internet Access

  • 10 to 450 times the speed of ISDN Internet Access

  • 2 to 90 times the download speed of DSL - 10 to 450 times the upload speed

DIAL-UP - Internet Access as low as $20/month from ANYWHERE in the U.S.!

Select from over 4,500 56K-V90 dialup numbers nationwide.

Champion Access Internet has long been recognized as a local leader in providing high quality Internet Access backed by unparalleled technical support. Plus our brand new ultra high-speed True-Digital 56K lines put us ahead of the field.

About our 56K Access: We have petitioned for nearly two years to get true digital PRI's in Flagler County. We had the option of using the only available method of 56K access prior, but we just weren't satisfied with the results. NOW the PRI's are in, and we're very impressed! We're getting excellent clean connections like we've never experienced before in the area. These all new 56K lines support the latest v.90 protocol. Read more on the 56K v.90 issue.

New Service/Price Plans: We now offer a choice of two Internet plans each coming with:

  • FREE! In-Home Set-up
  • The Latest Internet Software
  • Excellent User/Modem Ratio
  • UNLIMITED Access
  • Your Own Email Account
  • FREE! Tech Support

IMPORTANT Due to changes in the dial-up industry and our specific suppliers, we are not able to accept new customers.

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